World-Class Customer Service Training for Tourism & Hospitality

WorldHost Training Services was launched as the SuperHost® program in 1985, offering customer service training for EXPO '86 in B.C., Canada. Since then, the program has expanded, evolved and rebranded to become the standard for customer service excellence in B.C., as well as an internationally recognized leader in training for the tourism industry.

At WorldHost we provide affordable, relevant and quality customer service training solutions for front-line staff and managers. For individuals obtaining WorldHost certification, you gain the skills and confidence required to excel at customer service. For businesses choosing WorldHost training, your investment distinguishes your business with a competitive edge, and for organizations becoming a WorldHost delivery organization, you join a network of dedicated service providers that strive to enhance the experience of visitors to the province.

Our vision for the future is to continue raising the bar of service excellence both within B.C. and abroad. Using our ready-to-go, tailored, and innovative, training methods and partnerships, we plan to foster an industry of tourism professionals who recognize that great service is great business!

WorldHost Training Services launches Remarkable Service in the Age of Social Media – Managers, the third in this series of online training courses. Managers and Business Owners learn how to leverage social media to raise service standards to a higher level and remain competitive.