WorldHost© Transition

Update, October 6th, 2016:

BC’s tourism sector has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. As such, Destination BC, the organization where WorldHost Training Services currently resides, continues to evaluate its role in industry training delivery to ensure we are meeting the current and future needs of our growing and valuable industry. We know that customer service training, such as WorldHost, is vital to the success of BC’s tourism industry and in creating remarkable experiences for our guests.

The WorldHost program, founded 30 years ago, has a created a world-class reputation. In order to maximize its’ benefits to the BC tourism industry, Destination BC has made the decision to transfer the WorldHost Training Service program to go2HR in January, 2017. go2HR is BC’s official tourism and hospitality human resource organisation, with a strong human resource development and training mandate, offering a variety of industry training programs. This decision was reached with full approval of the Destination BC and go2HR Boards and Executive after a thorough evaluation process.

We want to ensure WorldHost remains relevant, accessible and effective, and we know that go2HR is well positioned to accomplish this and evolve the program to serve the rapidly changing needs of industry. Destination BC’s WorldHost Training Services team will continue to conduct training and support Delivery Organization Network activities up until December 31, 2016.

Over the next few months, go2HR will begin work on a program review. go2HR will continue to strengthen relationships with stakeholders and invite participation from the Delivery Organization Network, Master Trainers, and others in the program review and refresh.

We are excited about this change and we are confident that the WorldHost program will flourish under go2HR’s leadership. We thank everyone involved within BC and around the world with bringing this great program to this culminating moment. As we know, great service is great business and we trust that this change will raise the bar of service excellence in BC to an even higher level! 

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