Licensing within Canada (only)

WorldHost Training Services extends beyond the borders of British Columbia by issuing Licenses with partners across Canada.

The Benefits

  • Train your tourism industry professionals to raise the level of customer service excellence
  • Gain the rights to deliver WorldHost training in your Province or Territory
  • Receive support from WorldHost Training Services staff to ensure successful implementation of training delivery
  • Receive recommendations on how to effectively market and promote WorldHost training

The Criteria

  • Must be a tourism board or a tourism association
  • Must have connections with the tourism industry, tourism-focused government departments, the education community or tourism associations
  • Have been in business for at least five years

The Investment

  • Costs are dependent on the suite of WorldHost products licensed
  • The standard license fee for WorldHost Fundamentals for a 5 year term is $20,000 CDN
  • Additional investments include Train-the-Trainer sessions, and customizing costs

Next Steps

If your organization is interested in Licensing, please submit a letter of intent indicating your interest in obtaining a license to deliver WorldHost training.

We would also ask that you provide a proposal outlining the following:

  • A profile of your company including team members and trainers
  • Your target market and key stakeholders
  • Your marketing and promotion strategy
  • Your connections with the tourism industry
  • Funding resources to cover the license fee
  • How the criteria are met

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming a WorldHost licensee.

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