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Delivering world-class customer service training since 1985, the SuperHost Program was introduced to prepare British Columbians to host the world for Expo ’86. Since then, SuperHost has become an international success story, with close to one million people trained around the world.

Today, WorldHost Training Services continues the legacy, teaching individuals to provide excellent customer service experiences that help businesses keep customers coming back.

“Expect the Most – SuperHost

The spirit and concept of "Expect the Most - SuperHost" was contagious and caught on with businesses and individuals across the province, making it a home-grown success story.

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The positive impact that front-line staff had in “welcoming the world” during EXPO’ 86 was also noticed by international guests and global tourism associations.

International Success Story

Soon, the SuperHost program became an international success story and granted its first international license to launch the “KiwiHost” program in New Zealand in 1990. Over the next few years, the SuperHost program was licensed to many international tourism associations, raising the bar of customer service standards from Montana to Singapore.

While the program grew in popularity internationally, the SuperHost program within B.C. continued to grow as well and support hosting activities for large-scale events in the province such as the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria that saw the training of approximately 7,000 individuals.

Expanded Programming

Programming also expanded in 1996 with the introduction of the Service for Japanese Visitors workshop. Around this time, the SuperHost program rebranded and introduced a new logo that was to become the icon for customer service training for the next 15 years.

Additional workshops were developed such as Customers with Disabilities, Service Across Cultures, Frontline Management Solutions and the Service in Health Care program. In 2002, two more new courses were introduced: Sales Powered by Service and Solving Problems through Service.

Global Leader in Customer Service Training

By 2008, the SuperHost program had expanded globally and established itself as a leader in customer service training by offering engaging and diverse workshops as well as customized solutions.

Re-branding to WorldHost Training Services

In 2009, a significant milestone was achieved as the program re-branded to WorldHost Training Services, in preparation for a widespread training initiative across the province that involved approximately 60,000 individuals.

Preparing for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

This set the stage for a historic time as the province of B.C. hosted the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Winter Games were labelled “the friendliest games ever” with Vancouver and the host cities once again proving a strong commitment to customer service excellence.

WorldHost Legacy

The WorldHost legacy continues as, to date, nearly one million participants world-wide have completed WorldHost training. Licensing agreements were recently reached with the UK to support the London 2012 Olympic Games and with Palau - Micronesia. The program continues to expand with the introduction of the Service for Chinese Visitors workshop in 2010, and the launch of
e-Learning in 2011.

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