WorldHost Review and Testimonials

WorldHost Training Services has the pleasure of working with clients who trust the effectiveness of our workshops and services. We are honoured each time a client gives us positive feedback that demonstrates the level of dedication and professionalism exemplified by the WorldHost team.

Hotel Rialto (Frontline Management Solutions Workshop)

"The WorldHost training has brought our team closer together; it has helped us land on the same page when it comes to communicating with our colleagues and our guests alike!"

~ Maureen Kelly, Guest Services Manager - July 2015

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Canada Winter Games (Volunteer Training)

"Ten Out of Ten!
 As a seasoned Toastmaster of over 20 years, I truly appreciated the entire presentation for Quality/Content and Style.  You were thoroughly prepared and extremely knowledgeable.  One message always in the forefront was for each volunteer to have fun, share experiences and GIVE of themselves.  To reinforce what you were telling us, you used audience interaction.  This is wonderful in that it empowers us to feel part of a team and encourages the brain to "remember" more.   You were always inclusive of the entire audience making each volunteer feel unique and valued.  Bravo, and I only hope our paths cross again!  Maybe at the Games!

~ Dale Grieves, Distinguished Toastmaster
City Centre Toastmaster 9164 – December, 2014

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Tumbler Ridge Visitor Centre (on WorldHost workshops)

"Your WorldHost courses are Vital!  I think that it should be mandatory that tourism
operators take a series of your courses on customer service!!  In fact, I think every business in town should be taking your courses!! 

~ Carmen Drapeau, Manager, Tumbler Ridge Visitor Centre - November 2014

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The Listel Hotel Vancouver (on Frontline Management Solutions)

"All of us from The Listel Hotel really enjoyed the energy and perseverance of the presenter as the group seemed a little low on energy in the morning.  We can appreciate how hard it is to fit in so much material into a one day workshop. 

The pacing of the interactions between listening and actually participating was spot on.  Whenever I attend these type of workshops it helps re-invigorate me into giving really good customer service and it’s also nice to hear the stories of others in  management, so that you know you aren’t alone. 
It’s funny because a lot of the subject material may seem like common sense so not spending too much time on the simple basics of customer service and spending more time on specific issues to

Managers was the most useful to me.  I also found the Storming, Forming, Performing portion to be quite interesting as it gave labels to commonly occurring themes that we never really knew how to describe.

Holly was just a ball of energy throughout the entire workshop, and we found her to be very fun and positive.  The material that were covered in the workbook was very helpful, and I plan to implement some of it into our training in the near future. Overall, this workshop was a fantastic refresher on our skills and I will recommend it to other hoteliers out there."

~ Cana Hoang, Front Office Manager, The Listel Hotel Vancouver – May 2014

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Orca Spirit Adventures

"Orca Spirit Adventures had the pleasure of working with WorldHost for the Fundamentals training workshop.  They were very accommodating from the initial assessment of our business needs to the execution of training and post workshop follow-up.  Our trainer Donna was very informative and adaptable with our group and we found her method of teaching very approachable and effective.  Knowing everyone has a different way of learning, she was able to gage her approach based on the diversity of the group.  Our team has formed a closer bond through the team building exercises and group activities.  Everyone came out of the workshop feeling confident and proud to use their newfound skills in the workforce. Thank you WorldHost for bringing a wonderful program to our team!" 

~ Oriana Smy, Sales Manager, Orca Spirit Adventures - May 2014

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Profili Financial and Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce

" I am back from my trip and want to thank Suzanne (the Master Trainer) and WorldHost Training Services. It was one of my greatest Trainings I have ever done.  I cannot express how this training made me feel.  I was very glad and proud to be a part of WorldHost.  I hope to provide a day for those just like that!  The WOW factor has stuck with me." 

~ Shannon Profili, Owner Profili Financial and Board Member Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce - May 2014

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The Listel Hotel

"The Listel Hotels had the recent pleasure of holding a WorldHost ‘Enhancing the Guest Experience’ training session for front line staff of our three properties. Feedback from all attendees was extremely positive; they enjoyed themselves and each took something practical away from the experience. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and the group felt comfortable with sharing their thoughts and ideas. The exercises got everybody involved and challenged participants to think outside the box. The session succeeded in bringing a new perspective to their roles and their importance in the industry." 

~ Andrea Crosley, Rooms Division Manager, The Listel Hotel - February 2014

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Mission Chamber of Commerce

"Just want to say a HUGE Thank You! To the WorldHost Team for the fabulous weekend.  It was both entertaining and informative.  I have come away renewed in my Customer focus and excited about getting out there to spread the word!! Really looking forward to training this program myself.
Suzanne Carter (our Master Trainer) was fabulous, a great role model and support for our group." 

~ Clare Seeley, Trainer, Mission Chamber of Commerce – January 2014

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Harbour Air Group

"WorldHost Training Services provided Customer Experience Training for our team this past year and it was a success!

They were very thorough in learning about us as a company in order to create a training program that worked best for our staff and our corporate culture. We found Cathy, our WorldHost contact to be very professional and reliable in every aspect of the process especially maintaining consistent communication throughout, offering valuable suggestions and being very patient with our questions and requests.

The training provided was fun, interactive and relevant to everyone in our organization. We highly recommend WorldHost for your team!         

~ Phi Lewis, CPM, Manager, Employment Support Services & Staff Travel - Harbour Air Group – January 2014

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Accent Inn Vancouver Airport

"Just a brief note of 'thanks' for accommodating and registering my team members for the recent WorldHost "Enhancing the Guest Experience" Hotel Frontline Training session in Vancouver. I have been informed that the training, information and material provided was excellent.

Special compliments was also given to the trainer, who they felt was friendly, knowledgeable on the various topics.

~ Christopher Browne, General Manager, Accent Inn Vancouver Airport – November 2013

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